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  FAQ - Technical Support

Jasatel as your Internet Service Provider has a commitment to provide the best quality of services and to help customers solve any possible technical difficulties that might occur in order to enjoy our services. However, there are certain conditions which are beyond our technical support scope.

Below are some areas in which we may not be able to help you.

  Customer’s LAN problem

We will try to help you to identify the problem but will not make any modification to your network settings. Please consult your Network Administrator for further assistance.

  Hardware Conflicts

We will try to help you to identify the problem and make suggestions but we will not repair your hardware. Please refer to your hardware vendor for further support.

  Software Conflicts

We do not provide installation or program removal services, except basic internet related software which is already included in your operating system. Please refer to your software vendor for further support.

  Operating System (OS) problem

If you encounter OS related problems such as “fatal exception or illegal operation”, kindly refer to your PC vendor for assistance.

  Virus in your system

We may provide a suggestions or a reference to you for a solution to clean the virus, but we do not provide assistance for a virus clean up.

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